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From accounting to CFO, at Magnetic Superior, we offer an end-to-end solution to all your financial needs!

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Eliminate the need for hiring a professional full-time in-house CFO expertise with our top-class and reliable fraction CFO service. Lower the operational costs and hire a fractional CFO who possesses the expertise, knowledge, and skills to create an effective financial strategy that will pave the way for sustainable growth.

Our Virtual CFOs offer the best in what they do. They provide a similar form of assistance as that of an in-house CFO in a fraction of the cost. You have to pay for the assistance only when you need it with our skilled Virtual CFOs. These virtual professionals will help you track and analyze the profits and growth of your company and help you use the information for the benefit of your business.

Are you struggling to keep up with your finances, and everything has become a mess? Our nonpareil financial consulting services will help you overcome financial hurdles and streamline the workflow. We have the most expert and experienced consultants that ensure that you make well-thought and smart financial decisions.

Hiring in-house and full-time CFOs is a considerable expense for every business. With our CFO accounting outsourced CFO services, you do not have to worry about the high costs. Outsourcing CFO services is a smart option as it can help you keep your finances in check while helping you take your business to the highest peaks of success.

Want to stabilize your company’s finances? Our Interim CFOs will do exactly that for you. No need to hire permanent CFOs as our expert professionals will join your team for a short period and use their exceptional skills to take your business to the highest peaks of success. With our expert, short-term in-house assistance, you can deploy a smart strategy, optimize cash flow, efficiently prepare for a transaction, and create reliable forecasts and budgets.

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If you need to streamline your business’ finances and enjoy peace of mind, we at Magnetic Superior are right beside you.

Choosing the Best Fractional
CFO/Controller Services

Whether you are operating in the cannabis industry or the hospitality sector, we at Magnetic Superior give our best to reduce stress by seamlessly managing all the financial tasks for you. We are the best in town, and there is no denying there. If you are in search of reliable CFO service, your search ends here at Magnetic Superior.

What makes us the top choice for all businesses is the fact that we have the most experienced professionals on board. We know how critical management of finances is as even the smallest negligence can create a massive problem for a business. All our professionals have extensive experience in the field and have worked with some of the most notable industries.

Our services are not just confined to a single niche. We have professionals from all major sectors,
including cannabis, e-commerce, hospitality, dentistry, and many others. The professionals from diverse backgrounds, help us in creating a versatile portfolio.

The primary aim of Magnetic Superior is to add convenience in the lives of business owners by providing them peace of mind and an opportunity to manage high-priority tasks. To make business management and development easy for our precious clients, we offer our CFO and controller services at the most affordable rates. You do not have to set aside a huge budget for an in-house, full-time, and permanent professional, when we can provide you with the same services in the lowest possible rates.

Every business has a unique set of requirements, and we at Magnetic Superior excel in doing that. Our team of expert CFOs discusses the situation with their clients before they can get down to the business. Before our CFOs begin working, they try to achieve common ground. Moreover, they will keep you in the loop throughout their services.

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Failing to maintain your financial records and losing your mind in the hassle? Well, it is time that you relax and take a deep breath as we have got you covered!

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My business was at the initial stage, and from marketing to finance and accounting, I had to manage everything on my own. Lack of funds did not allow me to hire an in-house team, which is why I chose Magnetic Superior. Not only did fraction CFO helped me manage the finances but streamlined workflow to enhance the performance. Grateful to the super professional team of Magnetic Superior.
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Budgeting and forecasting are crucial for every business. My company operates in the hospitality industry, where we create traveling plans for travel enthusiasts and corporate entities. However, he inaccurate forecasting was bringing us close to our downfall. It is when a friend of mine suggested me to give Magnetic Superior a chance. By outsourcing a CFO for my business, I was able to cut down the hiring costs and was able to make smart decisions through accurate forecasting!

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If you need to streamline your business’ finances and enjoy peace of mind, we at Magnetic Superior are right beside you.

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