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Managing a Business was Never this Easy

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Projections

Major business decisions are based on a company’s financial performance in the past. To acquire top- notch business intelligence, you need experts for budgeting, forecasting, and projections. Our controller-level assistance will help you with budgeting and forecasting cash flows that will add to your business’ financial intelligence and help you make perfectly timed smart decisions.

Better Insights, Enhanced Control

A business performs at its full potential when an owner has full control over its finances. Given the hectic schedules for business owners, getting control over the finances becomes impossible. We are here to assist you with that. You leave your finances to us and focus on other business matters. Our executives have the experience and expertise to create detailed reports that provide actional insights
into a business’ financial performance. We provide you better insights that let you control your business’ finances with ease and convenience.

Timely and Accurate Financial Data

Cannot hire a team of full-time finance and account employees to manage your monthly closings? Well, we have it covered for yours. Our controllers work with the expert bookkeepers to address all your financial needs. With us by your side, you do not need costly internal personnel because we can take care of all your business’ financial needs.

Outsource the best Controllers from Magnetic Superior and streamline your finances with your business growth goals!

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A Unique Approach and Diverse Strategy

We at Magnetic Superior understand how circumstances can create an urgent need for experienced
controllers, but we also know that these executives can be a burden on a small company’s budget. We
have your back, and you do not have to stress out. Let the professionals handle your finances without
burdening your budget. Outsource your controller function with us, and you will not regret it. Enjoy
controller-level assistance without hiring a permanent controller that can increase your business costs!

Specialized Industry Professionals

We have a team of experienced professionals who have served as a professional controller in Fortune
500 companies. Their experience has helped them acquire exceptional skills and learn the art of creating
smart strategies that can help you take your business to the top without draining out your finances.
Partner with the industry experts and make the wisest business moves!

A Comprehensive Financial Solution

Our team of industry specialists can manage your company’s finances with the utmost perfection.
Whether its forecasting and budgeting or cash flow projections and management, management of
bookkeeping and accounting processes or inventory tracking and job costing, our professionals can
assist you with anything and everything. Along with this, we offer advisory services and will help you
with audit preparation. Whatever it is, as long as its finance and accounting, you have us on your side!

Contact us today and prepare yourself as our expert assistance will boost the performance of your business!

Fractional CFO and Accounting services – Specializing in Cannabis and E- commerce space.

About Us

Magnetic Superior provides tailored outsourced CFO, systems, controller, and strategic advisory solutions to organizations of all sizes.